Below are a few examples of the variety of cases which we undertake.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Upon being retained by a local insurance firm to investigate a worker’s compensation fraud case, we were able to capture the subject’s movements, sustained gait, lifting heavy material, and driving on video, all of which disproved the subject’s claim of disability.


Our efforts resulted in the claim being denied and the client relieved of any further liability.

Client Charged with Murder

A prominent law firm in the Chicago area retained our services to locate and interview witness concerning a murder of a public official that occurred in a drug and gang infested community.

Through investigative techniques employed by the Fact Finders Group, Inc. we were able to develop new leads and obtain statements from witnesses that enhanced the strategy for defense.


The client, who had been incarcerated for over one year awaiting trial for murder, was absolved of the charges and released.

General Liability (Lead Based Paint Poisoning Litigation)

A public housing authority retained our services to locate and interview a witness in a multi-million dollar lead poisoning civil law suit that could not be located after a three year search.

Based on relentless effort and our ability to gather information and cultivate informants, the witness was located and information pertinent to the liability of the client was obtained.


Through our methodical approach and superb method of interrogation of the witness, information obtained from the witness reduced our clients’ liability tremendously, therefore saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and litigation.