Fact Finders Group’s services combines the essential elements of investigative professionalism and compassionate support. We recognize that the circumstances which require investigative services can be emotionally and financially trying. To accommodate client need, our staff makes consultations with Fact Finders Group sympathetic yet action-oriented. Our communications make the complex easy to understand. Our compassionate advocacy for our clients makes your decisions simpler.

At FFGI, we reveal and examine the facts, putting our clients in the position to proceed with confidence in their chosen course of action.

Individual Services Include:

Background Investigations

investigationsWe are often employed by attorneys, bank managers, corporations and individuals to perform background investigations for various reasons including corporate mergers, pre-employment screening, dating and pre-marital inquiries as well as the evaluation of both witness credibility and of parties involved in litigation. We can tailor background investigations to fit a client´s specific needs, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Asset Profile
  • Bankruptcies
  • Civil Litigation
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Credentials/Qualifications
  • Credit Reports
  • Criminal Conviction Records
  • Drivers Abstracts
  • Education Verification
  • Military Records
  • Previous Employment Verification
  • Tenant Screening
  • Workers Compensation Claims

Child Support Recovery

imagesRecovering child support can be an extremely sensitive endeavor. Often the subjects of inquiry have a close relationship with the client, and therefore we provide a tactful and thoughtful investigative approach. We understand this relationship can be a sensitive issue, especially when the subject attempts to conceal themselves or their assets. We employ considerate investigative initiatives that include research of public records, assets and last known addresses; discrete interviewing of friends, neighbors, business associates and previous employers; and surveillance.


Surveillance is an investigative art that requires extensive knowledge of the target including their description, surroundings, activities, habits, schedules, associates and vehicle. Upon consultation and approval by the client, we use modern investigative technology and devices, formal surveillance techniques, as well as video and photographic equipment to ensure the target´s activities are expertly documented and reported. Our investigators use techniques including altering their personal appearance, changing vehicles and adapting to various ethnic environments in order to avoid detection and to provide a comprehensive surveillance package that achieves the client´s goals.

Skip Trace - Find a Person

full-images-corporate-investigation-875886-500x500Provided with a person’s first name and date of birth we can compile a list of all people in the United States who match that information, as well as each person’s last name and city of residence.