Research, investigations and security, conducted for an individual or an enterprise, all have one thing in common, a simple yet undeniable basis in facts. Fact Finders Group, Inc. mission is to discover the facts, indentify the patterns and report on the situation in plain and concise terms. In delicate or exacting circumstances, look to Fact Finders Group for professional solutions that combine concern for our clients, the latest in investigative and security techniques, and the highest levels of discretion.

Understanding the differing sensibilities, circumstances and needs of our various clients is central to our approach. Whether tracking a dead-beat dad, investigating a new-hire, securing a corporate information network or discovering investment fraud, we align the appropriate resources and expertise to meet our clients´ objectives.

As a local investigative firm with national and international reach, we employ seasoned professionals with years of applicable investigative experience. Our investigators with backgrounds in law enforcement, the IRS, corporate security and the military are provided with the latest tools for hi-tech surveillance, locating individuals or organizations, cyber-security, background checks, forensic IT, or fraud detection. Additionally, we offer in-office services such as fingerprinting, interviewing and discreet consultation.

Explore our services or schedule an appointment, but be assured that Fact Finders Group, Inc. is your investigative resource.

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"Fact Finders personnel performed in a professional, efficient and thorough manner, while providing thoughtful and insightful problem and analysis."
- Richard P. Steinken, Jenner & Block, LLC

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